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Watch our 2014 tornado highlight video below!

Chase with us in 2015 on one of our storm chasing tours!  If you are looking for an adventurous trip, tracking down some of mother nature’s most violent thunderstorms, then you have come to the right place.  If you want an exciting chase experience, interested in learning about the atmosphere, and want the best chance to witness severe weather and tornadoes, then we are the tour guides you’ve been looking for!  We have years of chase experience and know how to get you a front row seat to extreme weather, while keeping you safe.  Brandon Ivey and Marcus Gutierrez have both been featured on Discovery Channel’s “StormChasers” series and in the IMAX film “Tornado Alley”.   Brandon holds a degree in meteorology and has been chasing severe weather for over half his life.  Marcus is a Navy trained medic and your safety is his top priority.  Thanks for visiting our site and we hope we get the chance to show you some amazing storms this spring!


GPS Photo Storm Chasing Tours   Chase With Professionals

Live GPS Tracking Map


Check out our live streaming video page here! If your tour date hasn’t arrived yet, or you just departed from one of our tours, why miss out on the rest of the season? You can watch us chase extreme weather from the comfort of your home.  If we are not currently live streaming, our last YouTube stream session will be archived in the video player.





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Kansas Lightning 2013


Want to learn how to photograph lightning and severe storms?  Our tours also offer tips and tricks on how to to get better photographs with your camera.  We shoot with a DSLR camera, so we will cover areas like shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and other camera settings that offer better results in certain weather conditions.  A cable release (remote), and a tripod are recommended items if you are interested in photography assistance during your trip.